An Eventful Day




Today I actually got alot accomplished. I got the toy room cleaned and my four year old actually get rid of two garbage bags of toys (Yay). I got all of my kitchen cabinets cleaned and organized. ( I know i’m feeling awesome at this point i finally got the dread task completed.) Finally got my freezer corn made just waiting for it to cool so I can put it into freezer bags and stick in the freezer. I love putting up and preserving food i’ve done alot of it the last couple weeks. Hope everyone else had an eventful day!




My Greatest Blessing




No matter how hectic or busy my day is I’m blessed to get to fall asleep next to this little guy.  Most of the time he and I fall asleep talking, he has a very big imagination and can actually make up some pretty funny stories. You would be surprised at some of the funny stories they can tell. I’m just so thankful for my wonderful family and how much God has blessed me.