Cousin Time


Rylee and his cousin Oliver.Today we got to see Oliver it had been almost a month since we had seen him and boy has he learned to travel he is crawling all over the place and he is so adorable. In case you don’t believe me let me share a picture of just how cute he is.


I mean come on you just wanna pinch his little cheeks off. But I promise i did restrain myself and didn’t do that. 🙂 We had a great day getting to visit with him hopefully we will do it again soon. Hope everyone else had a great day!!



I’m so Proud of my Little Boy he is learning to write his ABC’s. Their is so many great workbooks you can purchase to help them learn to write. One of my favorites is a dry erase work book I found at Walmart’s. He loves them and it seems to make learning more fun for him.Image

The Little Silly Details


I took this photo a few days ago while Rylee was in the bath tub. I’ve been trying to break away from chasing him down bribing him to sit still and smile. One because it’s nearly impossible and two I just don’t have the energy (I know sounds lazy) and three thats just not really who he is right now. I snapped this picture because at this stage in his life this is who he his. A wonderful silly little boy always saying or doing something funny.

A Day Well Spent

For a Monday I’ve had a pretty good day. I’ve spent the whole day just really enjoying my boy. He is four years old and seems like he is growing so fast and he is so smart that it really amazes me. Just last night he asked “Mommy when will my teeth get loose?” I said honey ” I’m not sure but why would you want you’r teeth to be loose for?” He said “So I can put one under the pillow for the tooth fairy!” Moments like these I don’t want to forget I wanna remember funny things he says and asks so one day when he is older I can tell them to him. We spent quite a bit of the day letting him play in the pool he really loves it to. Then we came inside and he helped me bake a cake. I’m so blessed to be his mommy he truly his my miracle and I think God everyday he chose me to be his mommy. Hope everyone else had a Great Monday as well. #Feeling Blessed


Yellow Studebaker

When I opened the Pantry Cabinet this morning what did I spy ? A yellow Studebaker truck sitting inside. It’s the little things like this that I find that make me smile and know I’m so blessed to be this little boys mama. Hope everyone has a great day.

Tiny Hands

Stickers on the T.V. Stand is not something unusual to see in this house. I find stickers stuck every wheres by a four year old little boy that will remain nameless. At the beginning of the sticker chaos I felt frustrated at having to peel all the stickers off everything. Then one day it hit me like a ton of bricks. That one day his hands wouldn’t be as small and I wouldn’t find stickers all over the house and I would really miss all this. So for now I’m not even taking the stickers off the T.V. stand they can stay a little while longer.